beautiful monsters

I confess i am a monster murderer. I don’t mean to. I have a green thumb…but orchids take one look around my house & begin to give up the ghost. I have to keep them via photos. These images were taken at Sweet Pea Garden Shop, Homewood, Alabama. with my iphone.

sometimes everything falls into place

as a photographer, i really love it when it happens. perfect light, calm subject…orchids. Obviously not mine, as i am a notorious orchid killer.

the last pea

i mean Sweet Pea Garden Shop photos. Sweet Pea is located in downtown Homewood, Alabama. A fantastic nursery to visit. Everything from garden art, signs, gifts, flowers, herbs, orchids, annuals, perennials, lots of shade loving perennials, water plants & a beautiful calico cat.

a Sweet (pea) place to be

more from Sweet Pea Garden Shop…i had a blast & left with far more flowers & herbs that I planned on…how does that always happen when i walk into a nursery?!