Sweet Pea in Homewood, Alabama

12 thoughts on “Sweet Pea in Homewood, Alabama

  1. Your skills as a photographer and editor are out of this world Amy! Your ability to capture daily stuff surrounding us and presenting it is superb. There are many photographers around but you have such a special skill to see that special frame, I just can’t get enough of your shots and thank you for bringing us closer to the beauty of every days life!


    1. Eva, you make me feel like a fraud. I can’t be deserving of such an outstanding compliment! Thank you so much for your constant support of the world i see around me. Your words inspire me to continue to shoot almost everyday. However, summer is here & my kids are home…I am teaching them photography, so that I have reason to drag them off to places that I see that are beautiful & loved. Thank you times a million for your kindness & friendship. ~amy


      1. Fraud, I don’t have that word in my vocabulary, but I can stop if you wish, but believe me that is going to be hard for me! I just love your photography and maybe I’m to exited right now with my new camera, so please forgive my annoying behavior but I assure you is not fake! Anyway wish you and your children a splendid summer vacation, have fun! Eva 🙂


      2. I never, ever said it was annoying…i only meant to imply i didn’t feel worthy of it because it is easy for me to see so much interest around me. Please feel free to compliment as much as you’d like, I do love it, even when my joy is mixed with the guilt. But you don’t take my compliments to seriously & deflect them a bit too. But i SEE that you’ve got a brilliant eye, one that has been in practice of SEEING everything everywhere too. 🙂 ~amy


  2. Hi, Enjoyed seeing you and your three last night. Please let us know if you ever want to go to Lillian. I know that David’s parents have a beach house too so when you go down you probably stay there but just wanted you to know that we would love for your family to enjoy David’s beach house. The orange flower (4th pic down) and I have a special relationship. Several yrs. ago I was asked to do 10 table arrangements for a wedding reception. That’s not a huge undertaking but……they were Auburn fans so each arrangement had to be primarily orange and blue (natural colors/no spray) and she wanted each arrangement to be different. Usually a florist will have a design and use it for all or most of the arrangements. So, having bit off more than I could chew I began to become very nervous when I discovered the bright orange native flower blooming in an area where I walked near the woods. Most native plants don’t work well in arrangements….just wilt within an hr. of picking so I had no idea how orangie would work….but work she did and really looked great in the arrangements. I know this is a long story but every time I see one of those flowers I smile. Don’t know what it is.

    Here’s to beautiful native plants, Linda


    1. The orange flower is a Milkweed…a main source of food for Monarch Butterflies. The gentlemen told me that is an annual, but as a child, he remembered it always growing in the same spot at his grandmother’s house, which led him to believe it reseeds where planted. He also said that the Monarch Butterfly is endangered & said that if everyone bought this orange Milkweed, we could save them. So I did my part & I hope I am lucky enough to see one land in my backyard. I’m glad to know that it does well if put into a vase. I am leaving it be in hopes that it goes to seed & reappears next year! Anyway, Linda, They have a good amount a this shop in Homewood, if you wanted to plant some yourself. We do want to use the beach house this summer, but I have to go by David’s work schedule. I asked him to pick a week & he said he would. When he does, I will ask if we can go then. Lovely seeing you! ~amy


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