what my garden gave me today

29 thoughts on “what my garden gave me today

  1. Beautiful photography! You make me want to start my own garden, but capturing their beauty like you do would be a little challenging for me 🙂
    I look forward to seeing more of your work,


    1. Haley, it is so worth the effort to garden, even its just a container at first. As far as photography…we live in the technical age in which it costs nothing to take a thousand photographs on one subject, until you get it right & then understanding why it worked. I suggest to you or anyone, to keep trying & remember to learn from your mistakes! ~amy


      1. Awh thank you for taking the time to get back to me about that 🙂 I’ll definitely take your advise and know that some things that may not come out as anticipated will always stand as a learning curve and help one to grow from that point on.
        Take care and have a wonderful day,


    1. In Alabama we are in the heat of summer already, my hydrangea just started turning blue. I have other hydrangeas that haven’t bloomed yet. I hope your roses & peas come quickly…i’m sure they’ll be worth the wait. ~amy


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