Vermont bridge in winter

7 thoughts on “Vermont bridge in winter

    1. yes, when in shadow, most things turn blue/cyan. usually I color correct my photographs by adding yellow. Our eyes do not see the blue, the camera does. I decided not to color correct the snow in shadow because it looked wonderful as a backdrop behind the green & rusty bridge rails. Thank you, Eva! ~amy


  1. I’ll accept it then! After the winter we’ve had, I was almost afraid to open this email! Doesn’t look too wintry and is very lovely. I love the pop of the green on the bluish snow background.


    1. I’m so sorry for your hard winter. i was feeling very homesick for Vermont’s spring weather. I love that bridge, I don’t know how it is still used when it is mostly rust & has been for as long as i remember. I’m glad you opened the email. I am flattered that you receive my gazillion posts…i receive them too & i think to myself that I hope there are very few people who follow me this way…2me4art emails must be so annoying! Thank you, Dale. ~amy


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