why a garden is like Christmas…every.single.morning

before i knew how to garden, i had no idea that changes happen over night. blueberries…i thought they all turned blue at the same time…nope. i go to bed, in the morning, i see berries that went from green to blue is a gift i can’t stop eating. All that you see in the second…

flowers made of butterflies

my very favorite flower, Hydrangea. Alas, the weather didn’t encourage many blooms this year. I suppose that makes these very special. I will dry them…i do so every year. They dry beautifully & look wonderful on my windowsills.

blue hydrangeas lighten things up a bit

these came from just one of my hydrangeas. I have about 10 more hydrangea that haven’t bloomed yet because they are in shade. I am looking forward to having ┬áthese throughout my house for a month or more. life seems a little easier with blue flowers in soda bottles throughout my house.

flowers for a daughter’s party?

i love this soda company…i love the grape bottles for the blue hydrangea. But…wouldn’t it be cool to use an orange soda bottle with the blue hydrangea?! Opposite on the color wheel would make the whole arrangement POP!

what my garden gave me today

truthfully, the roses are from whole foods. i do have roses like the ones i’ve photographed, but the bush gives me about two a day. the strawberries? i picked from my gardens & ate them after taking their picture. the blue hydrangea is HUGE & will give me flowers for weeks & weeks.