Crestline Bagel Co.


Crestline Bagel Co. in Cahaba Heights is fantastic. When they first opened, a few months ago, i couldn’t help but wonder why the architects had decided to use pebbles in front & beside the store. Today, i found out. Leaf & Petal (my favorite nursery(s) in Birmingham) moved in next door! Crestline Bagel didn’t need landscaping because they already knew that the plants & flowers from Leaf & Petal would be placed on all three sides of it. Brilliant. Had i known how great Leaf & Petal’s new location was, i would have brought my camera today. Sorry for the crappy iphone images.

Bagels & Leaf & petal…i could’ve spent the whole day here.


Privately owned & operated businesses. Buy local Alabama!

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  1. Linda Corliss says:

    Can’t wait to go! Linda

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    1. Best bagels in Birmingham!


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