Crestline Bagel Co.

Crestline Bagel Co. in Cahaba Heights is fantastic. When they first opened, a few months ago, i couldn’t help but wonder why the architects had decided to use pebbles in front & beside the store. Today, i found out. Leaf & Petal (my favorite nursery(s) in Birmingham) moved in next door! Crestline Bagel didn’t need…

i ignored you. yet, you thrive

when stressed, i escaped to my gardens. i poured all my love that i could give into it. but this year, i will move away from all i have loved for so long.  i’ve been ignoring my gardens this spring. i’ve not weeded, or taken photographs of the best that has arisen this spring. but…

I am changing how we celebrate Hanukkah.

Pretty audacious, right? well, i am tired of tiptoeing around what is right & wrong with how to celebrate Hanukkah. i grew up in Vermont with two parents, my father is Jewish & my mother converted. We grew up celebrating both Christmas & Hanukkah. we got a Christmas tree. perhaps a day or two before Christmas….

my garden shines

wow. changes happen overnight…i suppose the expression, “When nature calls” it means something completely different for me. i feel the need to go outside every morning to see what is new.