the grown up toy store for gardeners

Something for everyone at Leaf & Petal’s Cahaba Heights location. Privately owned & operated – #buylocal         (shhh, this place is so cool, i picked up a job application (working from home can get boring)…imagine spending the day deadheading flowers!

Crestline Bagel Co.

Crestline Bagel Co. in Cahaba Heights is fantastic. When they first opened, a few months ago, i couldn’t help but wonder why the architects had decided to use pebbles in front & beside the store. Today, i found out. Leaf & Petal (my favorite nursery(s) in Birmingham) moved in next door! Crestline Bagel didn’t need…

beautiful monsters

I confess i am a monster murderer. I don’t mean to. I have a green thumb…but orchids take one look around my house & begin to give up the ghost. I have to keep them via photos. These images were taken at Sweet Pea Garden Shop, Homewood, Alabama. with my iphone.

to survive anyway i can…

i have an old fashion prism on my kitchen window. after my art class ended i walked into my kitchen @4:30pm…and, damn…my rainbow prism landed across two tiny orchids. These photos were taken with my iphone, and i will admit to moving the plants around with this set of flowers. the white dots on my…

sometimes everything falls into place

as a photographer, i really love it when it happens. perfect light, calm subject…orchids. Obviously not mine, as i am a notorious orchid killer.