iPhone in my back pocket

IMG_7480IMG_7489IMG_7483IMG_7479IMG_7488IMG_7485IMG_7487IMG_7484 copyIMG_7482 copyi have a broken pelvis…it healed cockeyed, so like a car with a broken axil, i have no straight lines any where. i cannot carry a bag, it hurts. point? i have one- i bought a man’s wallet phone case for my iPhone. & put in my back pocket of my jeans (no back pocket, no wear). it is SO AWESOME to have a camera, like this one, anywhere i go.

the garden is in Crestline Village in Mountain Brook, Alabama. i happened by during the golden hour. as i sit here editing the images…the poppy flowers made me think of unshaven legs…only attractive. WOW, did those little poppy hairs catch the last of the light, before the sun fell down for the day.

16 thoughts on “iPhone in my back pocket

  1. I’m sorry about your injury. Must have been a horrific event causing your pelvis to break. Yikes! Healing is so slow. If you’re like me you don’t handle injury and being sidelined by pain well. When the wind gets knocked out of me I just lay back and weep until I’m done with that and get back into life. Glad you found a good and easy way to capture your shots. Very fun and nice pics!


    1. very brief history of pelvis. i flipped houses, but X hated me painting causing me to tense up & damage my left SI, pushed to the floor on left while pregnant, finally told to have surgery to remove joint & fuse in a “new, less invasive way” 2007 surgeon broke pubic bone (or may it was loose from fall already) hardware removed 9 months later. fight & infection in 2010-2011, took X-ray to show pain doctor, told me “you’ve been walking on a broken pelvis!?” (since 2007) sent me to Orthopedic Trauma surgeon at Vanderbuilt. Dr found Osteomyalitis (sp) (dead & dying bone where left SI was fused) cut the bone out, screwed back together, unwilling to risk life on fixing pubic bone due to 50% death rate in females…renal failure, 4 months in bed…2nd time to physical therapy, was rear-ended by a HUGE SUV XL, pushed into on coming traffic, clipped a BMW (that left the scene) impacts ripped my healthy, one & only SI joint. So, i am forever broken & trying very hard to make each day count. Photography & blogging & friends like you help rid me of pain for a little while. SO thank you.

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      1. Amy I am so heart broken for your mistreatment, losses and physical pain. I follow Jesus. He is full of compassion and mercy. He is the Lamb of God, the Passover Lamb, the Promised Messiah. Before all Creation God, knowing mankind would walk away from Him planned to be the Sin Eater. Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law being made a curse for us for it is written cursed us everyone who hangs on a tree. I am reaching out and touching your pelvis Amy and, with the authority of the precious Blood of Jesus, whose Name is above every name pray to Our Heavenly Father, the Great I AM, to restore your bones, muscles, cartilage, nerves, blood flow to normal. May pain be gone and full strength, range of motion return to normal. May you know you are very precious to God Amy. You are His dear lamb. He has saved every one of your tears in His bottle and longs for you to see His fantastic plan for your life. Be healed Amy. May all that is of Satan be banished from your heart and mind to serve the Living God. The Lord is your Shepherd you will lack for nothing. He will lead you by quiet waters. He will restore your soul. He will lead you in paths of righteousness for His Name’s sake. He will anoint uour head with oil and prepare a feast for you in the presence of your enemies. Yes, though you walk through the Valley if the shadow of death you will freaking no evil. His rod and staff will comfort you. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days if your life and you will dwell in His house forever.

        Much love!
        Jan β™‘


      2. Thank you, Jan…i have often wondered what God’s plan may be. i do hope to help other women to escape domestic violence. Perhaps i will make an additional blog-Working title: Yet, i lived to tell the tale. What do you think? ~amy

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