iPhone in my back pocket

i have a broken pelvis…it healed cockeyed, so like a car with a broken axil, i have no straight lines any where. i cannot carry a bag, it hurts. point? i have one- i bought a man’s wallet phone case for my iPhone. & put in my back pocket of my jeans (no back pocket,…

don’t fence me in

because i am brave enough to escape…damn the consequences. Alis volat propriis “she flies by her own wings.”

grow what you wanna eat

these are going to become blueberries…i have five blueberry bushes, 8 years of age. you know what that means? i will have too many blueberries to eat…if you own dirt, consider planting blueberry bushes, they are beautiful & give fruit. AND they will bring big, fat bees…

i will take the peach

tree. i’ve had this wee peach tree for three years now.  i’ve seen peaches almost grown large enough to eat…however, the deer always eat them first, for they are not as picky as i am. the house must be sold within 5 months…i do hope the new owners love fruit. i have 8yr old blueberry…

the shy one

So shy, is the Lentin Rose…i try hard to find a point of a spring flower who fears the sunlight. these are forced, with wire, to face me. a bit like putting a finger under the chin of a small child, to lift the face & be astonished by their beauty. happy spring Alabama

she is mine.

we went shopping in a part of town where we could only afford the lemonade. Mountain Brook Village, Alabama