cool Christmas reindeer art project!


at first, i was going to TAPE the wire to the back of each reindeer…but then a BIG lightbulb went off & i realized that i could wrap the reindeer as they would be, if linked together by Santa’s elves! i LOVE those sparks that come as i’m trying to make something work.FullSizeRender-5

yesterday i had two girls come over for an art class (visiting with their mother, my friend) so they made ornaments for their tree. it took about five minutes. the small colored balls stuck into the paint are called, “Nail Pearls” intended for fingernails. they only stuck where the paint was wet & will probably come off…i should have put some Mod Podge over the paint to make the reindeer shine. the deer above was painted by a three year old girl!

this bag o’ deer was $2.99 a bag (friday special had them 60% off, lucky me!) i think it came with 15 deer. I was thinking–you could buy several bags & make a proper number  of deer together & wrap the wire around a Santa…or around your tree!

(Stephanie-bring them back to have me to that!)

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  1. equinoxio21 says:

    Very smooth. Your reindeer look like they’re smiling.


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