turn Christmas decorations into Hanukkah ones…here is how.


i found the bear for Christmas, he was holding a stocking. i found the bunny for easter, he was holding a carrot (i know that a carrot isn’t religious).

to make any holiday your own, just find a way to change things you see & love. Even if they are for a holiday you don’t celebrate. i hot glued the dreidel to the bear & the chocolate gelt to the bunny. that is all it takes.

the angel was given to me by my mother. She is the Angel of Courage. i found the dog (really a fox, but geez, he looks like my solid white husky) at Homegoods. So this is me & my dog, Blue. to make the Angel into a Hanukkah decoration, i just found this cool card & put Liquitex gloss gel on it. & and stuck it into her wings.

when its time to put away the holiday decorations, i will put the bear & bunny (i’ll take the chocolate off) in my box of Hanukkah decorations. when i take them out next year, i will have forgotten what i had made. and find joy in finding them again.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Maverick ~ says:

    I thought husky when I first saw this, wouldn’t have guessed fox.


    1. You & i both see Husky-therefor it is!


  2. Linda says:

    You are so creative, not only in your art, but in your words and ideas.


    1. I get it from my Aunt Linda. Thank you so much!~amy


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