the coolest secret paint around


it is enamel paint. it adheres to almost EVERYTHING & comes in amazing colors. AND it’s usually about $1.00 for each color. this was a plain wooden dreidel (I’m Jewish). Should i share my secret?

it is cheap nail polish. before you put your nose in the air because you think it isn’t real art…give it a try. You can use it to create stained glass or paint plastic, paper, matt board, metal–anything! You can make ‘marble’ or just play & watch what this amazing medium can do. i have made a gazillion things…I will share them later. This dreidel was painted using only four shades of polish. It is art.

15 thoughts on “the coolest secret paint around

  1. I’ll have to have the group bring some for class to try! I’ve had them using Eye Shadows like pastels for fun. Plus as accents with charcoal drawings they look cool too 🙂


    1. Oh Deb…once you realize what it can do, you will want to cover every single non porous surface in your house! I did a tin candy box, just because it stays! Oh, such fun! Really, like a child handed a box of crayons for the very first time. Cheap stuff is best, b/c is isn’t as thick, however it does dry pretty fast. ~amy

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      1. You too! 😀 I think i will try nail polish painting- it sounds great- you’ve made it sound great!- with the right amount of craziness haha.This reminds me of the pink lipstick pictures i sometimes do. With some blue sparkly eyeliner, of course. And it is ALWAYS art- if one beleives it is. 🙂


      2. oh, you wouldn’t believe the eye rolls i sometimes get for loving nail polish, BUT when i buy them at the drug stores-the checkout person kind of wonders what i’m doing, when i tell them, i use it to paint with. They tell me so-and-so does that too! Good luck!~amy

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