Who is watching your front door?


i have an owl, whoooooooom i borrowed from my son. i found this wreath at a thrift store (thrift stores are a fantastic way to make art out of old), a few years ago, for $3. a great find, i cut the pealing red ‘berries’ off-some where showing their white undersides.

i decided to make the wreath a bit more festive & for Hanukkah…because the only people who knocks upon my door are my artists. i’ve said half of my artists are Jewish, so this should make them happy.

Yesterday, i had three (one missing) come directly from their private Christian school…i have Hanukkah gelt (gold covered chocolate coins) in a bowl with one dreidel on my art table. i also have a bowl of soft candy canes, the kids didn’t want those…the kids wanted to know the dreidel was. somehow the kids KNEW the gold coins were chocolate, as kids have a magic power to spot chocolate anywhere. i showed them my bowls (in the living room) of dreidels i’ve collected over the years. the kids wanted to learn how to play. they loved the game so much, they didn’t want to make art, they made me promise-if we finished early, we could play again. we ran out of time, so i gave them their own few pieces of gelt as they left…

when they come back next week, we will play dreidel again, because i promised, before we finish up their Christmas art project. i did ask the mom’s if it was ok. they told me it WAS GREAT. which was great. ~amy


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  1. laura lecce says:

    Very cute photo, I love the addition of the owl.


    1. i love these animal artist that are using nature to create their art. The owl hasn’t been removed, i just took away the Hanukkah stuff. He still sits inside the wreath, checking out everything. Thank you! ~amy

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