my identical twin daughters



Good God, i am so grateful to my daughter, Sophie. Sophie is the daughter that is waving in the photo above. The other daughter? Well, her name is Sarah Louise. This photo of Sarah, in purple, she looks as though she has alabaster skin or December skin. Sarah looks as though she is the Madonna (Jesus’ mother) Sarah is so very beautiful here. Sophie? She is ok looking in this photo.

Sophie lives in Alabama & goes to a public school. I sent Sarah to a private school in Putney, Vermont, because she is so much smarter than Sophie.

Sarah is a bit of a sheep. Sarah follows all the other girls in fashion, she buys what is in style (& expensive). Sophie buys her clothes from consignment shops, tjmaxx & sometimes we have a ball at a thrift store. Sophie is no sheep. Sophie dances to her own drummer. She doesn’t flat iron her hair or try to be like everyone else. Sophie has a million friends, but no very close ones.

Sarah is very popular…and a bit of a snob. Needless to say, my twins do NOT get along. Sarah thinks Sophie is weird. Sophie likes to sing & dance. Sophie likes art. Sophie makes her own trends. But Sophie says i like Sarah better. I do not. Sophie is shockingly brilliant, funny & makes life so much more fun. Sarah, when she comes home, is on the phone with her Vermont friends. She is ALWAYS saying she cannot wait to go back to Vermont.

Sophie said that Sarah will grow up to be some rich man’s wife. She will become a bored housewife & mother. I agreed with her. Sophie wants to go to college & then go live in New York City. Sophie wants adventure & she has no thoughts of marriage or children.

My twin daughters…were created by Sophie. I took thirty seconds to show Sophie how to edit two images together. A few months later, she attempted this, but failed only in one way. I told her how to do it again. And she mastered it with the photo above. I picked her up from school this past week & she told me she would like to invent a identical twin sister & post edited images of herself, with her ‘twin’ on instagram. On the way home we discussed her idea. She told me she named her sister, Sarah. She wanted Sarah to live in Vermont. We chose a private school in Putney that a friend attended. We laughed all the way home because i named my twin daughters SSSophie & SSSSarah SSSssAab. Sophie asked me to give my other daughter a middle name, we came up with SSSarah Louisssse SSSSaab & Ssssophie Gracccce Ssssaab…Their names both make the sssssnake hissing sound.

we had a blast thinking of our new sister/daughter. Sophie asked me for my tripod & she sent me away. She took two photos of herself, changed her hair & clothes & edited herself together. As seen above.

My daughter Sophie is the one i love best.


21 thoughts on “my identical twin daughters

    1. Thank you so much, Mike. I was astonished by the light she was able to capture with her iPhone. i really, really hope that she will put aside the common Mother/Daughter thing…at 14 years old, she has to separate herself, as an individual, from me to become an adult… a process i’m familiar with b/c i did the same at her age & my older daughter was the same–which is, on its very basic level, “I am NOT going to BE like my MOTHER”

      However, it is very, very clear she has a gift with photography & editing. When she is older & has come into her own, liking the same things i do, won’t matter so much. with that talent, w/o instruction, just needs passion, which GOSH, i hope comes as she is older. rambling & thinking out loud. forgive me. But thank you, Mike! ~amy

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    1. Hi Joe, i was reading my comments-to this post & Sophie passed by. I stopped to ask her what DFYS meant. i, incorrectly, assumed it to be a…lol, OMG, type of thing. Sophie picked up my keyboard to google its definition. Department of Family & Youth Services…which makes your comment even better. i did have an idea of what i was going to post, but the favoritism would be dramatic…& horrifying-if it were taken as truth. Which is why i put, “A FAIRY TALE” at the beginning. i also knew that most people would see it, but the memory of those words would soon be forgotten once people realized i was the WORST MOTHER IN THE WORLD…i’m glad you read until the very end before contacting DFYS. πŸ™‚ ~amy


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