my two favorite photos were taken with my phone


my dog, Blue…thought he was a person. when i belted him in my *SAAB station wagon, he thought, “finally, she gets me” i was blessed with Blue for almost 10 years. he followed me from room to room. he was my shadow.


my son called Blue, “my brother” because they were born a month apart. Nala is on the bed too. Nala still lives with us & she follows me too.

black & white Henry

this is my son, Henry. damn, he is so handsome

*i owned a SAAB station wagon. it was in my name. it was paid for. it had about 65,000 miles on it. i was rear ended by a Suburban XL. MY SAAB was totaled. the kids & i asked/begged for a replacement SAAB station wagon. the insurance money was used to buy a BMW instead. the BMW is NOT mine. so not only did i lose my car i owned, but i lost owning a car completely. the kids & i hate the BMW…someday i will own OUTRIGHT a SAAB station wagon.

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  1. And you will. Just keep on going my dear.


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Thank you, Gretchen. You are a Blessing. ~amy

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  2. Such fun wonderful pics .. I hope you get that Saab! 😃


  3. needhamb says:

    Oh yes. You must have a Saab. Great pictures!


    1. Amy Saab says:

      OH, YOU are so RIGHT. I MUST get a SAAB. I cannot wait. Thank you for the compliment & comment! ~amy

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