when i was me…

i’m from Vermont. i grew up with SAABs, Volvos, Subarus & JEEPs…for the snow. My family was a Volvo fan…except for me. Oh, i LOVED SAABS. the one above was my second SAAB…paid in full, title in my name, with only 60,000 miles on it (brand new) the station wagon was awesome because the Huskies…

my two favorite photos were taken with my phone

my dog, Blue…thought he was a person. when i belted him in my *SAAB station wagon, he thought, “finally, she gets me” i was blessed with Blue for almost 10 years. he followed me from room to room. he was my shadow. my son called Blue, “my brother” because they were born a month apart….

i will always consider him my first…

husky. i was living in Burlington, Vermont, in 1990…i looking for a new apartment. my boyfriend suggested his friend’s house, he rented out rooms of his beautiful Victorian house. i met his friend…Gavin was a bit intimidating, but he had brought along his husky, named Kahn, to meet me. to see if we would suit…

my drunk looking husky

We were out at the lake. Look at that beast. My white shadow…he followed me everywhere. I have no shadow anymore. Nala, my other husky, has decided she is a throw rug.

Siberian Huskies

These Huskies have all had a hold on my heart, still do.  Only Nala, a former foster, is living with us, we adopted her.  Solomon was adopted by a wonderful family & the solid white husky (my first & my heart) passed on in February 2013.

my girl

she is mad because I am taking pictures of my cat, Ivy.

Blue as a pup.

Blue as a pup.

We had my family here last night & my sister in law is a bit scared of Blue, but Blue loves her. So I get on my knees & hug him. She said, “don’t let him bite you” I said,” he would never bight me” So he got sick of me hanging around his neck & shook me off & I landed on my right side on the floor, trying to figure out how he did that. I guess because he is 100 pound of white fur & everyone one thinks he is part polar bear.
Different story, but from last night. My father was headed up the stairs, I said, “look out Dad, Huskies coming” And he got off the stairs because 160 pounds of furry love had to be peed before we left to see the fireworks. I opened the wooden door, but there is a screen & metal door after. I said,’Blue open the door.” He did, he always does. Greatly impressing my father.
I am sure he was impressed that I leashed these two beasties that outweigh me & walk out the dark night with them. But the are made up of nothing but love.