yup…more flower pictures

DSC_0106 2 copy

DSC_0116 the wee rose is in a one inch vase.

DSC_0106 2


i love light. i have mirrors to play with the sun (that is what these roses are sitting on, the reflection is of the ceiling), prisms to shatter light, disco balls to spin the sun dizzy & one fake HUGE diamond that peppers my kitchen with rainbows.

and i love small vases more than big…i will use anything–i’m most successful in finding vases that are intended as shot glasses. but i’ll use cool salt & pepper shakers. the one inch vase is for a doll house.

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    1. Amy Saab says:

      Thank you so much, Debbie! I can’t help shooting what i pick from the gardens. It is a way to keep them forever, i suppose! ~amy

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  1. jr cline says:

    There is something about black and white flower pictures that I really like.


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