small vases make big impact

on my mood. i buy shot glasses to use as vases. smaller vases use less flowers. this was a bundle i bought at Trader Joe’s. i took this photo with my new phone.

plant cuttings can be an art form

this is a cool shot glass i found & bought all they had. I do love smaller vases for flowers. vases too big can be clutter & expensive to fill. i posted, a couple a weeks ago, this plant in a mason jar. the jar was filled with rocks. well, like my mother, i love…

yup…more flower pictures

┬áthe wee rose is in a one inch vase. i love light. i have mirrors to play with the sun (that is what these roses are sitting on, the reflection is of the ceiling), prisms to shatter light, disco balls to spin the sun dizzy & one fake HUGE diamond that peppers my kitchen with…

set them against blue…

cosmos, joseph’s coat roses, african daisies…all came from my gardens this morning. Yummy

mum is perfect

this wee ‘vase’ (salt shaker) sits on my desk with a few other vases–holding only mums.

place cards using my drawings & flowers

ok, so the green button mums did not grow in my gardens. i wish they did. however, all else did grow here at home. i put my drawings into my editing program & had a BLAST making these cards. Nala is my Siberian Husky & Hobbes is my cat. my animals needed fancy middle names….