words, photography & flowers…

DSC_0121 2 DSC_0349 DSC_0222 DSC_0236 wish.jpg IMG_6181 IMG_5937 DSC_0212 (1) IMG_3556

my friend & i wanted to find a way to put all my loves together. i never made any effort to have these printed on matt photo paper by a professional. i wasn’t brave enough. lady luck left me long ago. i would put these cards, the size of a business card onto a bamboo skewer & with those INSANELY cute clothes line pins in miniature? we would attach the card into flowers from my gardens. we would give them away.

DSC_0308 copyi created this one for my doctor…do you understand why?

DSC_0032 3i only made one of these, as a birthday gift, to my mother. the rock is one she found in Vermont & polished to perfection.

still wouldn’t it be cool to have these. maybe i’ll be brave enough to make more & someone out there will want the cards to display in their flower and/or garden shop…maybe people would love to read words that hold magic & find one that brings peace & pleasure to another.

15 thoughts on “words, photography & flowers…

  1. They are stylist, cute, tender wordings and simply love it. Amazing works and it will rock. Bring your portfolio to show some of the florists, they will want some to attach to the flowers arrangements for customers. In this world, we must be brave and strive a path for our works and why don’t try to sell it, and make some income for yourself.


    1. You’ve heard, “an artist has no business sense” tis but true for me. To walk into some place & present these, would be akin to asking a stranger out on a date. You are very sweet to give me words of encouragement. I need them. However, i am in the middle of a divorce & i am using all my courage up facing that. When the limbo of the situation is over, maybe then i will “be but little, she is Fierce” yes? Yes. Thank you. ~amy

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      1. Oh! Amy, so sorry and sad that you are having this family problems and it is so hard to take. Have confidence with yourself and you will pull through this and put it behind you. Have a new fresh start again.

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      2. I am very happy. I no longer have to be afraid. That is the biggest thing in my life…it almost destroyed me. I was hoping it would. The divorce part? None of it really matters except for my children happiness. I am working to undo a lifetime of fear for them as well. I didn’t mean to reveal so much. a friend of mine had to help me get my car to the shop she said, “Amy, we are all happy to help you, you do not have a partner to help you” I did a mental double take…my life is a million times easier then it was. I will do something to help other women in my situation. I have this blog, i have a voice. I do hope when i post my story, that you could share it to help others as well. Cheers. ~amy

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  2. If I had a flower shop, a garden nursery, a coffee shop or anything like that in your area, I would order dozens of these, Amy. They are deeply inspiring.


    1. Oh, tears falling, Reggie. Thank you for that. Means so much to read that. I wish i could do something with them b/c so many of us are in search of words that touch us, inspire us…perhaps one day, i will make it happen. It was one of the most fun i’ve ever had, creating these. ~amy

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    1. Thank you so much, Julie! I love the last one too. I loved making them personal. I’m too busy now to make more & i have no reason to. But i thought i would share them with others, people can slide them off & print the ones that pertain to them. I suppose the last one pertains to you? me too! Crazy, right? ~amy

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