Mistake!! NOT written by Wm. Shakespeare, but by Arrigo Boito…


my photography, my graphic design & his words. How could i not love it? i made these business sized & attached them in small bouquets of my flowers, from my gardens, to give to friends & family.

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  1. notquiteyetawriter says:

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  2. notquiteyetawriter says:



  3. Maverick ~ says:

    This is a favorite quote but I was surprised to learn that it wasn’t Shakespeare but by Arrigo Boito.


    1. Amy Saab says:

      OMG!!! You’re kidding me! I had no idea. Perhaps i should delete this…Maverick. I will edit this & put Arrigo boito as the writer, so that others won’t make the same mistake i made. I don’t remember where i found the quote, but i do wonder how many give credit to Wm. Shakespeare! Thank you for telling me. ~amy

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  4. sweetpea2love says:

    This is truly lovely. It reflects my late husband and I when we first met.. Thank you for the memories of that special day ~ He had the most beautiful smile….

    Take care and have a peaceful Sunday my dear… from Laura ~


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Oh, Laura, how i envy you that kind of love. I am in the process of a divorce from 14 years of absolute horrifying hell. I realized the other day that i hadn’t been kissed by a man who loved me in almost 20 years. I’m sorry you lost your love. The power of his words brought back the feeling of meeting your man…powerful.

      No one says it better then Wm. Shakespeare. If he lived in our lifetime he would have been a rock star, writing words so powerful they could pull us up off our knees, or have us drop to them.

      I do hope you opened the photo of the card & slid it off to your desktop so that you can print it. ~amy

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      1. sweetpea2love says:

        Amy, my dear lady…I’m so sorry to hear about your 14 years of pure hell. It’s an amazing testament to you for trying for so long.

        Sometimes it is just not a match made in heaven, I know I’ve been married twice, the first one only lasted for 4 years, but I knew in my heart that this was a mistake and for the betterment of both he and I a divorce was needed.

        As, it turned out he didn’t fight me on the matter as he knew this to be true as well. I suppose I was lucky in that sense.

        I was going to ask you if I could take the beautiful card you made and frame it with my late husbands and I wedding photo, it truly has touched me in so many delightful ways. So, I truly thank you for the permission…

        I know in my heart there are two cane rocking chairs in heaven for us….as that was our plan had he lived to spend our retirements years rocking together holding hands.

        My dear Amy, I will send you good waves of a better life for you to arrive soon, I truly believe wishes do come true and a little help from others can’t hurt..

        Thanking you kindly for opening up your story to me, I feel honored that you shared..

        Take care my dear and happy days ahead for you… One day at a time 🙂

        Laura ~


      2. Amy Saab says:

        You are very sweet, Laura…i didn’t mean to share so much. some days i get a little angry & it seeps out. There will come a time when i do share it. I want to help other women like myself. I think that is why i survived it. I almost gave up so often, it really is a miracle that i am still alive. AND happy. I am not afraid anymore. Being afraid can burn a body down. I am so very happy that you printed the card & honored to have been apart of the frame with you & your husband. Yes, two rocking chairs. A wonderful thought. Take care & there are happy days ahead for you as well. ~amy

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      3. sweetpea2love says:

        Amy, never worry about sharing too much.. I felt honored and blessed. Sometimes, we just need to get it out and just sometimes it’s better to vent with someone other than friends and family… I sure know that to be true.. I’ve had many moments like that years ago.

        I’ve found happiness in the oddest of places and never when I’m looking for it. I just needed to be still within my own being and listen. So, anytime I’m here for you… Have a wonderful, peaceful evening Amy … Take care from, Laura ~ Check out my newest post ~ A lovely butterfly… hugs


      4. Amy Saab says:

        I saw your butterflies…i was unable to find the “like” button, does your blog allow for that? Thank you for your kindness, Laura. ~amy

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      5. sweetpea2love says:

        Amy, I goofed yesterday and changed my theme for my blog. I sort of like it, but not sure just yet…

        I can see the like button here. Sometimes, I notice that too on other blogs, the like button is not there, so I just refresh the screen and that usually fixed the problem..

        Thanking you kindly for visiting my post about the butterfly, I must have taken over 15 shots to get a good one..

        Nature is so hard to get a good picture of for me, I zoom in and when they move it’s hard to find them again..

        I zoom out and see them , zoom back in and they’re gone again.. hehehehe but it’s fun trying and sometimes it works out beautifully…

        I just love your pictures, they are all so beautiful and professional looking. Do you have a business taking pictures?

        I would pay for a picture of me taken by you.. and that’s a huge leap because I don’t like my picture taken..

        Bravo my dear ~ you’re so talented with the beauty of photography….

        Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~


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