misselanias nails are above the torch gas

is Misslanias a brand of nail? this just cracked me up, i mean torch gas in a filing cabinet? and before you tell me i’ve misspelled miscellaneous, i’m getting your attention, did it work?

flowers for rabbits

i have these tiny mums growing, among thousands of others. these wee mums are the size of dimes. which makes them perfect for my one inch tall vase.

she doesn’t know how beautiful she is

which is why she feels limited at 25, usually the speed of youth flies by. Oy, that was a bit hard to come up with. Myer’s Plants & Pottery…i wish i had bought her too.

fun magnet art project…gifts, for lockers, fridges

super easy project. you’ll need glass that is flat on one side, rounded on the other (found at craft stores or dollar tree), magazines, Mod Podge, scissors… if i wanted to do a kitchen theme for a cook, i would look for food pictures in magazines. i choose this one. Mod Podge the flat slide…

art just sitting on the shelf

@ Myer’s Plant and Pottery in Pelham, Alabama. Go, its like the botanical gardens, an aquarium, museum all in one & you can find treasures EVERYWHERE.

How to make a collage like this…

i teach art to children. i have about 8 kids working on this project right now. ages 5-12. this project will take about four hours to complete or 4 art classes. i’ve gotta tell you, i have never had more fun with a project before. i googled a photo of a frog. the colorful one…

a beautiful spider

i want to have this photo printed BIG. i LOVE it. one of my favorites! ~amy oh & if you want it, it is SUPER high res. take it, as long as you remember not to wish for peace, but to make it!