the farmers make art

10 thoughts on “the farmers make art

    1. Hi Trent, I’m going up Oct.1st. I hope it is not that hot! I want to wear jeans & sweaters! I’m sick of summer. Alabama will remain warm/hot until about November! I’m glad for the sun. I’m going to St. Albans, which is very, very North. Where are you in NH? My dad used to work at Hanover Hitchock Hospital one day a week. We would come & hang out on the Dartmouth campus & surrounding town. ~amy


      1. I’m in south/central NH, about 20 miles west of Nashua. Actually, at this very minute I’m on the Cape. We just got a place down here and since i can telework a couple of days a week i take advantage of it.

        My wife’s aunt lives on the north side of Burlington. It’s a very pretty area.


      2. I spent my late teens, early 20s living in Burlington. I LOVE it & miss it. We would sail on Lake Champlain…heaven. We also had a very close friend of my mothers that had a small cape house in Cape Cod, we loved walking to the beach. Lucky you! ~amy


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