the farmers make art

i so wanted the green one on the top…But i’m flying solo to Vermont. Perhaps it will still be there when i can come home & be dazzled by it, again. iPhone pics taken @ Whole Foods.

why my heart aches for Vermont

I grew up in Montpelier & Burlington Vermont. I am living my life in Alabama. I married an Alabama man. I love my husband’s family & I am grateful to every single one of them for welcoming a Vermont Yankee, a foodie, a farmer @ heart, Jewish, politically opposite woman into their large Catholic family….

DIY regrow your food…

Celery, romaine lettuce, cabbages & bok choy can all be regrown. I use a square vase. After I cut off the eatin’ part of the celery, I put the bottom in the vase, I use the sink sprayer to water the tops until the water is about 2″ deep. I water daily, easy to remember…

my peach tree is peaching!

Ok, so maybe not peaching. Flowering or blossoming would be better, but lacks (my) excitement . Here is the story about the peach tree. My husband & spotted this tree in bloom at a nursery. It doesn’t grow tall, 6′ or so, it does get wide 4′ so maybe more like a bush then a…

Roses in plastic

stunningly beautiful, these are sitting in a bucket of water in Whole Food for 10 bucks.

I don’t know the name of this Mum, but let me tell you, they are beautiful

I don't know the name of this Mum, but let me tell you, they are beautiful

They were at hold foods, & bought four, then I went back with a math genius- how notice I was being over charged & told the casher guy. He said Ok I’ll go look. My Genius friend hit on the card slide thing “is this the correct amount” she hit the no button. I told the casher I’ll show him where they are, he was a short man & young. So I said,”she was so cool, I would never have done that, i’d just pay & leave” The casher said,”me too” I showed him where they came from & he corrected everything & I got Mums in July. I have the stick to tell me what they are, but it had like 12 letters, that end in Mum. Happy me & I love my Math Genius friend, Erin-you rock!