Siberian Huskies in Alabama…


This is Nala. Nala is an indoor dog during the ghastly hot summers in Alabama. She is usually clean…bright white & silver fur. The temps have fallen & we have a breeze. I’ve been putting Nala outside & her instinct to dig a hole to lay down in, is in a Huskies nature. That is what they do when the ground is covered deep with snow. I keep posting photos of her dirty, because it is so different for me to see her acting like a dog.

Isn’t she stunning?

18 thoughts on “Siberian Huskies in Alabama…

    1. Thank you, Gretchen. Nala loves being inside during the summer & most of the winter, but loves spring & fall…as long as i don’t leave her outside for more then an hour at a time! Nice to see you! I’m looking at my painting right now. It hasn’t been hung yet b/c we redid the art studio, so it leans against the wall right beside my computer. 🙂 ~amy


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