best way to photograph a spiders web?

a water spritzer for plants. I sprayed this web with wee dots of water & you know what happened? When the morning sun hit it, i saw rainbows. There was no spider on the web at the time & the water dried in minutes. Now that it is fall & Alabama spiders start building HUGE…

unique spiders for Halloween

He made them out of anything. I thought he was quite clever. I’d much rather have these around the house then the big, furry black kind.

The New Art Student…

Sometimes i play more often then i work…can you tell? I made this for my art students, he will be greeting them at the door for a few weeks.

the farmers make art

i so wanted the green one on the top…But i’m flying solo to Vermont. Perhaps it will still be there when i can come home & be dazzled by it, again. iPhone pics taken @ Whole Foods.