i’ve got the Monday blues

24 thoughts on “i’ve got the Monday blues

    1. They are perfection, Peggy. We eat while we pick, but no warm days here. Only 100% humidity with temps in the upper 80s to low 90F…we are covered in sweat the minute we step outside of our house. Which is why we pick early or as the sun is setting. But it is so much fun…a bit like finding easter eggs or something. Thank you, Peggy. ~amy


      1. Ugh it is awful. I LOVED my Vermont summers. Low humidity, high 70F with a breeze as gentle as a butterfly kiss. this is more like stepping into a sauna with bright lights. But i do get good blueberries & winter is only two months. πŸ™‚ ~amy


    1. It only took about five (very long) years to get a crop like this years. We would get some every year, but maybe a handful for each of us. This year they have to go into the freezer b/c we can’t eat them all! Worth the wait! ~amy


      1. Worth the wait!
        I think we’ve given up on blueberries, just couldn’t get them to survive! But then we have wild huckleberries just a few miles away, so I’m happy.


      2. I’ve never had huckleberries…really the only time i’ve ever heard huckleberry was Huckleberry Finn. What do they look/taste like? ~amy


      3. Pretty much like blueberries. When we go picking in the next month I’ll post some pictures!


  1. I am impressed that you were able to grow blueberries where you live. I assume they are not native to your area. We have blueberries growing wild over a large portion of Sweden. Your blueberries looked amazing. Well done on growing your own!!


    1. This kind of Blueberry is native to Alabama. In Vermont (much colder) the blueberries were smaller. We’ve been picking them every other day & they still keep popping up blue! Thank you! ~amy


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