art class decoupaged birdhouses

DSC_0090 DSC_0088 DSC_0093 DSC_0096

the boys that made these were 6 & 7 years old. Pick a theme, find illustrations/scrapbook paper, magazines, cut out, paint birdhouse close to theme color, let dry, then use Mod Podge on the back of image, apply to birdhouse, again apply Mod Podge on top…when all images are on, paint 2 coats of Mod Podge, let dry. then apply a varnish if you want to put yours outside, spray paint varnish as best you can on the inside..get a big, long drill bit, with a big, long screw attached & drill through the back of the house by entering through the hole. We put ours right into trees. A good coat of Varnish exterior will make the images last a little longer, but should stay as is, for about a year. if you love yours too much. keep inside.

When dulled by weather & time, redo!

7 thoughts on “art class decoupaged birdhouses

    1. Oh, they did such a great job & where so unhappy they had to leave them behind to dry. I made one with them because they are so much fun to make. My backyard is full of them! ~amy


    1. These are treasures, but they can hang outside, i covered them in varnish & they should last a couple of years. Or, maybe you are right, they will just keep them in their rooms. It is wonderful fun for all ages. I made one right along with them…one of many i’ve made. They bring me such childlike joy to make, its a bit addictive! Thank you for the compliment, i will tell the boys (they are art students of mine) ~amy

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