my floating gemstone

 Oscar the 2nd
Oscar the 2nd

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This is Oscar the 2nd. I’ve been trying to think of a fun way of displaying such a beautiful fish. I had Oscar the 1st in a tall vase beside the sink, but he jumped out…and dried out. But today, i saw my mason jar on the counter. Brilliant idea! I bought fake plastic diamonds & a fake flower at a craft store (Michael’s). When i found my perfect Betta, i cleaned everything very well & placed the diamonds & flower into the jar. Then i added Betta Water Conditioner to the water. I let the water sit for about 5 minutes. IMPORTANT!!! I used a hammer & a nail to punch holes into the top of the jar. I widened two holes using an old fashioned bottle opener…to mimic the size of the holes, in the plastic top, of the container my fish came in. I added Oscar, screwed the top on. He must have felt at home very quickly. The jar is about twice the size of the cup he was contained in, so i’m sure it felt great to stretch his fins a bit.

Oscar’s home sits on top of my desk, i don’t have to worry, too much, about spilled water because the holes in the top are not large enough to flood the desk top in seconds. I can sit & paint for hours & when i get stressed out about a commission, all i have to do is stare at Oscar & that will lower my blood pressure…right?

25 thoughts on “my floating gemstone

    1. I thank you for this wonderful compliment. I like the idea of uplifting. life can get so ugly & i like to make my own world where nothing mean, nor ugly can be seen. a vacation for me. ~amy

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      1. When chronically ill, it’s always nice to have those “uplifting” blogs to visit. To get away from my reality for even just a little while! I do enjoy all the other blogs, as well, that have similar health conditions as myself, but we all need some uplifting, every day! Thanks for doing just that. It gives me some time that I’m not engrossed in my own reality, which is pretty uncertain. Thanks again. Have a great day. 🙂


      2. Oh, so nice to meet you. I am chronically broken. I have a broken pelvis, titanium rods holding it together, I have a pain pump that keeps me walking, but still there is pain. I have fibromyalgia that loves to keep a tight grip on me. i avoid anything that will bring me down. Somedays, the pain does that…well, quite often it does that. I don’t watch sad movies, or sad books, or scary tv. I keep beauty around me as much as possible. i look for it because it distracts me from the limits of my body. my mind, when not drowning in pain, has no limits to SEE what is good around me. I used to watch the news. But i would become frightened by it. Then i told myself over a hundred years ago, people lived in small towns & knew the world around them…i stopped watching things i could not change. I know men have been killing men since Cane & Able. Men have been raping, killing women & children throughout time. We’ve not changed as a race, we’ve only become better at it. I know i cannot go back to what i once was. A strong woman who could do anything i wanted to…try. i have to accept who i am everyday, because somedays are better then others. On the good days, i take photographs, i paint, i clean my house. On bad days, i tuck myself in deep & tell myself it is a gift to take a day off & just read a book. Lay around like a queen. I know i won’t live long. I just want to live long enough to see my two children leave the house & set out on their own journeys. I am telling them what they can become. That life makes no promises. That pain can come one day & knock them out cold, but they have to remember there is tomorrow & the pain they feel today, will not be as sharp as it tomorrow. “its not what happens to you, its what you do about it” great song, can’t remember the name of it. But it hit me close to the bone. i have a wallet, one i found in a children’s toy store. it says,”Let there be peace & let it begin with me” that is how i live. I wish you peace & understanding. On those good days, enjoy them & on the bad days, behave like a queen. ~amy

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      3. Hi Amy, I just got out of the hospital today. It was my second hospital admission, in 2 weeks. 8 nights, the first one, and I was then hospitalized this time for 3 nights. I’m glad that our paths have crossed. I have fibromyalgia, esophageal motility disorder, severe gastroparesis, of which I have to feed myself through a feeding tube that bypasses my stomach and goes directly in to my small intestines, IBS, cystitis, asthma, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, avascular necrosis in my left hip, factor V (five) Leiden-a blood clotting disorder, hemochromatosis-iron overload, adhesions, endometriosis, bursitis in both hips, tendonitis in both shoulders, chondromalacia patella in both knees, probable Lupus, generalized anxiety, major depressive disorder, PTSD, and ADHD, hiatal hernia, insomnia, 13 surgeries and so many hospitalizations, I lost track. Most of my life is spent in bed. I get short of breath just rolling over in bed sometimes. What a hot mess! I know I’m not going to grow “old.” How could I with all these diseases? I’ve accepted the fact that I am so broken, myself, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. I’m permanently disabled. My 4 kids are all in college and I have a grandson, that I absolutely adore. He gives me reason to make the best of each day, the best I can. Not all days are bad and not all days are good. It’s sad to say that there are may more bad days than good. I’m fighting to hold on. I’m just getting really “not okay” with living life this way. I need to have a better quality of life because I’m sick of being in bed, Sudoku puzzles, even though I love them, surging the internet, I do love blogging, though, reading, skyping, I also love to skype. I guess what I really mean is that I need some new things to do. Switch it up, ya know? Now, I am not creative like you are, but I might look around again, on your blog, and attempt to make something, like you do. What’s the worst that can happen? It doesn’t turn out, but I had fun trying. Maybe I could learn to be creative and find some things that aren’t too difficult for me. With this ADHD I get very impatient when I can’t figure something out, right off the bat. I hate to read instructions and I want to get it all done in one day. I have that “All or Nothing” mentality. My therapist’s are trying to get me trained, trying to teach me that moderation is the way to go, but after being like this my whole life, it’s just kind of a part of me, and I’m not really sure I can just not do that.
        I think we have a lot in common. I got a pink t-shirt with white lettering and on the front is says: QUEEN BEE and on the back it says: I’LL RULE…..I’LL RULE…..I’LL RULE.
        I, also do not watch the news anymore, as all they have to talk about is who was killed that day, what child has gone missing, who stabbed who, who got car jacked, and on and on…………as you already know. Once about every month or two, I will turn it on, just to make sure I’m not missing anything big, that may be going on in this world. I watch for about 10 minutes and then I remind myself that this is why don’t watch the new, anymore. I am in extensive outpatient therapy. Every now and then, I need to voluntarily take myself to the hospital to be admitted on the Behavioral Health Unit. After my last visit from March 23-30, I will never,ever go to that place again. I used to feel safe there, but that place is not like it used to be and will just stay home and meditate, meditate, breathe, breathe, meditate, and repeat.
        I guess, I better get busy on behaving like a queen because I just got home from the hospital where I was on the Cardiac Care Unit for one night and then was moved out to the med/surg floor for the past 2 nights.
        I know that I can’t ever have my life back, that was before all these diseases. Non of my diseases are curable, so each disease will either remain the same, or get worse. That’s just my reality. I used to be a very social butterfly. I am a people person and need to be around people, but you find out who your true friends really are when you become ill, like us. Seems I’ve been forgotten, but that’s okay because I still have true friends. I would never do that to my friends. I would be there to help and/or just be there to lend a shoulder to cry into, arms to wrap around them and give them that hug that is ever so much needed when suffering almost every day.
        I was just coming to grips with my reality, the other day, and told myself that I may have all these horrendous diseases, but I still have a lot to be thankful for and I’m starting to accept each day as it is. No one is guaranteed a tomorrow. A perfectly healthy person could be gone tomorrow, as no one can escape death. I’m trying really hard to think this way.
        Well, I look forward to following your blog, and talking to you some more. For today, I’m Queen Bee! 🙂 Take care.
        peace out,


    1. Oh, designing the jar first was the most fun. I’ve always loved some fake flowers, but they look so…fake. But this, this works wonderfully. I love the plastic fake diamonds too, as does Oscar the second! He is happy & i know it b/c his fins are always wide open. The other oscar wasn’t happy, he kept his fins tightly to his body. What a difference! I do hope you design a cool home & show it on your blog! ~amy

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      1. Hi Amy! You and Oscar inspired me. While out shopping yesterday I decided to get a Beta fish and purchased a purple and blue female with a pretty vase for her home. I named her Violet. I’ve had fresh water and salt water aquariums before, but never owned a Beta. This will be fun. Thank you for the inspiration. If I can get a good photo I’ll share it on my blog. Have a great weekend! ~ Rhonda


  1. Beautiful fish…Betas. My son’s girl friend gave him one years ago and before I knew it I owned a 50 gal tank. It went down in the earthquake of 87. The fish were out of water for 2 hours when I was able to scoop them into a bucket. They all lived??? I delivered them to the fish store.


    1. WOw. they lived after that? I would have given them up as well after that trauma. However, one betta in a mason jar, is not a 50 gallon tank, nor could it ever be. There is no room. 🙂 ~amy

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    1. The best part of having this one on my desk, is i really relax when i watch him. Oscar is a half moon Betta- not that i know anything about the fish, the name was on the container. but i did note that the row of this type of fish, all were extraordinary looking. Thank you! ~amy


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