2me4art project!

DSC_0022 DSC_0020 2

1. Watercolor paper. color a big swirl on one half of paper, using one color of OIL PASTEL. other side of paper, use another color & make another swirl in OIL PASTEL. i picked orange & purple.

2. paint– with WATERCOLOR paint, the colors that are closest to the OIL PASTEL color…i painted my purple swirl with blue & purple. the orange side, i used orange & yellow…saturate the paper in color. let dry.

3. cut dry WATERCOLOR PAPER into strips, when dry. then CUT the strips in half, making waves (ha, a pun)

4. draw a fish onto MATT BOARD (found for $10 bucks at Hobby Lobby) cut the fish out. draw his eye & fins on a different part of the MATT BOARD & cut those out.

5. start at the tail of the fish, place the curved part of the watercolor paper strips, the curved part, glue with gloss MOD PODGE, carefully b/c the watercolor paint can run. add on another strip, covering the flat side of the paper with a curved part…overlap each piece. let edges hang off fish. continue to layer strips of ‘scales’ onto the fish. rinse & wipe brush after switching to a new color.

6. for the fins that have been cut out, repeat…starting from the end of the fin. let dry.

7. the fish eye…i used nail polish. a thick drop of color with a dot of black for pupil.

8. when the fish & fins are dry, turn the fish upside down so that you can see the MATT BOARD fish again & trim off the paper that hangs off the edges. repeat with fin.

9. glue the fins onto the fish, the one on the back? I used tape so it looked as though it came from behind the fish. glue on the dry nail polish eye…add a drop of white paint (i dipped the end of the brush into paint & dabbed the white onto the eye)

10. i taped ribbon onto the back of the fish, to hang in my art studio. you can glue the fish onto a canvas that you’ve painted in anyway you’d like…i recommend painting water for the background.

i made this project with two young girls, the project took two hours b/c of drying time. it may not look like much, but it was wonderful fun.

One thought on “2me4art project!

  1. Looks lovely, will copy that for my grandchildren as we are always doing some art together. A lovely idea – thank you. Going to your website.


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