iphone flower pictures


Alabama’s flower is the oak leaf Hydrangea IMG_6452

the photo below…the plant looks like the sorting hat in the Harry Potter movies.IMG_6418


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  1. Absolutely stunning .. I’m a huge fan of iPhone images 😃


    1. Hi Julie! Thank you! All who own a camera in their pocket has the potential of making art for their walls. You always like my stuff on instagram, but i’ve asked if i can follow you & you wont let me!! I wanna follow you! pretty please? ~amy

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      1. Hello Miss .. I have no idea why I wasn’t alerted! All done …😃


      2. Hi! I’m so glad you didn’t know, because i was wondering if it was just me 🙂

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  2. Miriam says:

    What stunning photos


    1. I KNOW!! The new leaf & Petal in Cabaha heights is so great, its almost impossible to take a bad photo! I highly recommending visiting a nursery with your camera! Thank you Mariam. ~amy

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