iphone flower pictures

Alabama’s flower is the oak leaf Hydrangea¬† the photo below…the plant looks like the sorting hat in the Harry Potter movies.

I am changing how we celebrate Hanukkah.

Pretty audacious, right? well, i am tired of tiptoeing around what is right & wrong with how to celebrate Hanukkah. i grew up in Vermont with two parents, my father is Jewish & my mother converted. We grew up celebrating both Christmas & Hanukkah.¬†we got a Christmas tree. perhaps a day or two before Christmas….

i found this one on the discounted table

i understood why this hydrangea was placed there. At first glance, i thought there was nothing left to take note of. Then i looked a little harder…out of all the flowers i took that day, this one is my favorite. it is a peaceful color, with stunning detail on the back…then to set against a…

i’d like to introduce you to fibromyalgia

During our spring break, I made a promise to myself that I would use different parts of my body. I would give my right side, arm & back, a rest from blogging. I would give my physical therapist a break from having to place my vertebrae back in their proper places every. single. Friday. morning….

blue butterflies on glass

the reason Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers is because the individual blossoms, that make one large ball, look like butterflies. sweet as butterfly kisses.

overcast light

for this old blossom still holding it’s color. a gift from Suzanne’s garden.

i miss my purple spring

my gardens are pinks & purples in the spring. in the fall, my gardens are yellow, orange & reds. & lots of tomatoes… Our gardens are filled with blueberry bushes, grape vines, tomatoes, herbs, peppers, yellow squash, a peach tree. The rest are flowers. All this hidden behind my house in a small backyard bordered…