My Chameleon daughter

This is my 17 year old. I’ve not been able to get her to let me take her photos for a long time. I think the last time she did it, she was 14 or 15. So i am grateful for her to give me the time. As she is very busy with friends &…

a sad tail

This beautiful puppy is Oliver. This photo was taken a few days after i adopted him from The Greater Birmingham Humane Society. There are vets that offer your adopted pet a free first check up. I showed this funny Harry Potter scar on the top of Oliver’s head. The vet said it was nothing. He…

iphone flower pictures

Alabama’s flower is the oak leaf Hydrangea¬† the photo below…the plant looks like the sorting hat in the Harry Potter movies.

popping up poppies

One of my favorite flowers. I had to shoot these poppies at high noon (bad planning)…which is never a flattering light for anything or anyone…it means i had to get on the ground to photograph most of these. If i attempted to photograph them from above, the flowers would have been overexposed & the color…

“hold me closer, tiny dancer…”

via “hold me closer, tiny dancer…” This is my daughter. She used to let me play dress up with me. Alas she is 16 & far too busy to let me take more. soon though…she give in.

the kind of spiders i love

i made a promise to myself-i wouldn’t buy any store bought flowers while my garden is still flowering. but i missed these mums! besides, i forgot the darn eggs & had to return to the grocery store…to make myself feel better, i bought these. ~amy


Barber Motorcycle Museum. Leed, Alabama