iphone flower pictures

Alabama’s flower is the oak leaf Hydrangea¬† the photo below…the plant looks like the sorting hat in the Harry Potter movies.

you are welcome, Mr. Shakespeare

this photograph i took…i made the vase out of clay, it stands about 2″ tall…the hydrangeas were picked from a HUGE blossom. I thought it made for a great business size card for a friend. ~amy

why a garden is like Christmas…every.single.morning

before i knew how to garden, i had no idea that changes happen over night. blueberries…i thought they all turned blue at the same time…nope. i go to bed, in the morning, i see berries that went from green to blue is a gift i can’t stop eating. All that you see in the second…

i found this one on the discounted table

i understood why this hydrangea was placed there. At first glance, i thought there was nothing left to take note of. Then i looked a little harder…out of all the flowers i took that day, this one is my favorite. it is a peaceful color, with stunning detail on the back…then to set against a…