the cat bit the dogwood


the light was so low…hence the blurry photos. I think i’ve only posted one other image that was out of focus. But his teeth on the branch, its too funny not to share!! Don’t worry he didn’t bite hard enough to go through the bark of the dogwood.

Springtime in Alabama is beautiful!

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  1. Gorgeous flowers .. and a very cute kitty. I always enjoy your images Amy 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, Julie! ~amy

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  2. Blurry photos never stop me from posting if the subject is good! Like these.


    1. Thank you Greg! I’m so glad you found them worthy! ~amy

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  3. Linda Corliss says:

    These Dogwood pictures are wonderful. Love quicksilver biting the dogwood branch! Linda

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    1. Hi Linda! That is Juju! Quicksilver doesn’t come in the house unless it is snowing. Stubborn boy that he is. I thought that was so funny of Juju. Thank you for the compliment! ~amy


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