Cats are smarter than dogs

This is Juju (short for Judah). Stunning, isn’t he? Juju loves art. I have a dog too…he has no interest in art. He likes to lie under his hanging leash, trying to guilt me into another walk. No matter how many times i’ve walked him. I can also find him chewing rocks in my backyard….

cat won’t let me art

i have a commission to do, a beautiful little girl. Medium requested is pastel. As soon as i put the photograph on the table. Judah sits on it. Above is the photograph i took of her. Judah did leave me in peace once he realized how dusty pastels are. He knew i was finished &…

the cat bit the dogwood

the light was so low…hence the blurry photos. I think i’ve only posted one other image that was out of focus. But his teeth on the branch, its too funny not to share!! Don’t worry he didn’t bite hard enough to go through the bark of the dogwood. Springtime in Alabama is beautiful!

the flowers & the cat

Juju, my cat, doesn’t like when i find something to do that doesn’t involve him. He had to be the center of attention. and you know what? I am grateful. He is one cool cat. These are my African Daisies from pots outside. Their stems were short, so i needed a small vase. Stunning flowers…and…

my black cat is scared of sunlight

On rare occasions, Ivy, my cat, will be seen during the daytime. The first image is of her basking in the sun (a rare sight indeed). A friend of mine has a black cat too. I asked her about the shyness & she informed me that most black cats are like this. So based on…

the solo kitten

I’ve had a lot of trouble with my neck for a very long time. Most days i spent on the couch. Bored & angry at my inability to contribute anything to anyone. I was very depressed at being so useless…except one day in December, I heard meowing at my front door. It was a kitten….

the mischievous Gatsby

Do you want to play a game? No, thank you, sir. Focus is soft, but i am showing it anyway because he looks like he has a Santa beard. One curtain down, the other to go. I’ve never had a cat that really knocked things of flat surfaces before. I’ve owned lots of cats over…

my cat colored by a rainbow

I walked into my kitchen one afternoon & found my handsome cat sleeping in my chair. I call him Juju B, a nickname from the Juju Beans i used to eat at the movie theater when i was a kid (i call his cute pink toes, Cotton Candy Jelly Belly’s…you know, because i’m a wee…

The cat approved

Judah liked something in the flowers from the farmer’s market.

he is worshipped

as he should be. i’ve yet to meet a cat that can tolerate belly rubs for long. this cat cannot get enough. He is usually spotted belly up. i thought this last image should be here, as he looks kingly.