my cat colored by a rainbow

I walked into my kitchen one afternoon & found my handsome cat sleeping in my chair. I call him Juju B, a nickname from the Juju Beans i used to eat at the movie theater when i was a kid (i call his cute pink toes, Cotton Candy Jelly Belly’s…you know, because i’m a wee…

The cat approved

Judah liked something in the flowers from the farmer’s market.

he is worshipped

as he should be. i’ve yet to meet a cat that can tolerate belly rubs for long. this cat cannot get enough. He is usually spotted belly up. i thought this last image should be here, as he looks kingly.

i share my balcony with the cats

i lost my garden when i moved out of the house. this shelf contains many of the things i kept in my art studio. there is a brown bear, a glow-in-the-dark alien, a yellow bird, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, a wild thing, spiderman birdhouse, star of David-can you see them? and tons of white rabbits…

flowers do NOT outshine Quicksilver

There are two photographs that show me shooting the flowers, some how Quicksilver knew what held my attention. since it wasn’t him, he decided to change my photographs. (the two photos of me were taken with my iphone by my 12 year old son.)

cat lovers, i am in need of answers

i have to move about a block away. Quicksilver walked into my life about a year ago. the bond was fast & hard. an animal bond i hadn’t shared with any other cat since Walter. Hobbes loved me, but his life before us, made him different. i had an immediate bond, within days, of meeting…

for the love of Selfies

& snapchat. my daughter is ALWAYS taking photos of herself for her friends on snapchat. Now it seems she has introduced Snapchat to Quicksilver.

the cat with thumbs

the last picture? look at his face, i grossed him out…he is thinking, “eeeewwww”