Quicksilver vs Oliver


The pup is Oliver. He is 14 weeks old now. The photo above was taken at the Humane Society.  The vet said he would weigh about 80 pounds when full grown. I don’t have any photographs of Oliver right now, because he has mites from his mother. He has been given medication, unfortunately, he is going bald around his eyes.

A week ago, Oliver decided the flowered pillow outside belonged to him. And today, Quicksilver decided that Oliver was wrong. They fought over the pillow. Quicksilver won.

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  1. Oh that Quicksilver is so handsome … not surprising he has that cushion. Sorry to hear of the mites ..


    1. Hi Julie! Oliver is supposed to be photographed everyday so i can look back at how cute he was…i still take photos, but i miss his beautiful black head with tan German Shepard eyebrows! Quicksilver is stunning, i agree with you! Thank you Julie! ~amy

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