change the direction of the sun.

i moved into an apartment last May. i have lived in houses most of my life. Most houses have windows on all sides of the house, never really thought about that before…when i lived in my last house, i followed the sunlight, all day, like a cat.

i tried to find an apartment that faced the East, we did find one,  but the sun only reached my balcony (if you are lucky enough to have one, make it an extra room, for god’s sake) during the summer months…i felt like we moved into the Bat cave, but instead of bats, everything is painted that taupe color that was popular in the years 2002+. gag, every single room is taupe.

Now that the sun is lower in the sky, i thought i would do better than i had in summer & i have. but not enough. until i made the changes below…sunlight is like prozac to me.

if you live in the dark, here are some of the things i did, to change the direction of the sun.


i have this mirror tray on my coffee table, which i put fresh flowers on it, at all times. fresh flowers can make any home feel like a castle, i buy shot glasses, so i only have to buy one $3.00 bunch. (i saw the typo above, oops.) Homegoods or TJmaxx is a great place to find mirrors, that is where most of mine come from.

my apartment seems pretty big. but in Birmingham, there are a million apartment complexes. and because Birmingham, Alabama is a small city, the rent is far cheaper here than in other big cities.

if you are lucky enough to have a balcony, USE IT!!! we have thousands of balconies here & none have been made into a ‘room’ of its own. i am very claustrophobic when i am inside, that wasn’t always the case, but it is now. i feel very trapped & fearful inside, so i turned my patio into my office, garden, art studio, a coffee & book room and it is all mine. i will post the photos of it next.

i have not posted much in the last 6 months because my children’s father ‘follows’ this blog. he will read it as soon as i post it. and it creeps me out to let him see the sanctuary my kids & i  have created. he used my blog & facebook information during the divorce trial. stalk much? someone from his family was spying & reporting info about me b/c he doesn’t have a facebook account, i am sure i’ve unfriended his family. that being said…i’ve decided he doesn’t matter at all.

and for the first time, in a thousand years, i can call my home a safe sanctuary.



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  1. Linda says:

    Love, love, love your post for so many reasons. First, the disco ball is genius and the crystal prisms I have hanging all over my windows as well. The Mirrors…Love it I don’t care if people think it’s vain, I say to them, it’s a reflection of life and you can’t hide from it. And Third: was the last two lines you wrote. He doesn’t matter and your home a safe sanctuary. Blessings to you, Many many Blessings!!! Love it!


    1. WOW, thank you so much for every amazing compliment. it means everything to have validation on my choices i’ve had to make…because i have the sun coming into my apartment on one side. ~amy


  2. Your place looks amazing Amy .. well done! How is Silver? Looking forward to seeing your balcony .. you are very clever 😄


    1. Hi Julie,
      Thank you for the compliment. Quicksilver…he stayed away for a few days & when he showed back up, he meowed constantly, it was so annoying. He meows to come in, he meows during his brief five minutes stay, then he meows to go out. i do not know who taught him to do so. i feel terrible about being terrible…

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      1. Shame .. I guess apartment living isn’t for him. Can you take him back to the old house?


      2. Hi Julie!!! it has been a while since we last ‘spoke’…Quicksilver came home when the temps dropped to freezing. he came in, no longer meowing at me at the top of his lungs. he slept on my bed all day. it was wonderful. ~amy

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  3. kathryneann says:

    Love what you’ve done! I bought a small crystal chandelier hung to catch an sun. Love the rainbows in my LV room. Also have them in my MB from colored glass bottles and window film.


    1. How wonderful to find another who loves light, sparkles & rainbows. i would love to see what you have done. have you ever posted anything about it? ~amy


      1. kathryneann says:

        No. I have one video and a few photo’s but not posted. I will post when I get a minute.


  4. John says:

    Great post Amy! I’m glad you feel you are home and safe now. You did a fabulous job decorating, And the tricks for adding light are brilliant! ❤️👍🏻


    1. Hi John, i have to tell you, it is very difficult to be angry or sad, when the disco ball is afire with sunlight. prozac is what it is. 🙂 Thanks, amy


  5. Reggie says:

    You have such a beautiful home, Amy. I love all your creative ideas! Wonderful to see you back on the blog again. May you always be safe in your peaceful sanctuary.


    1. OH, Reggie!!!! how i’ve missed you! I am so glad you like my home! I cannot wait to get back to photographing life as i see it, instead of people. no offense to people, but give me a garden any day! ~amy

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  6. Your home looks so very nice with all the light, as you have created Amy 😀
    About Facebook, you can make your account so private, that no one from outside can see more than maybe your profile photo and not more.
    I did that years ago by need.
    Maybe you need to go through your friends again, there could be someone, who are not your true friend among.
    Wish you a beautiful weekend and it is nice to see you in here again.


    1. Thank you, Irene. it was so difficult to try & take back my blog. i couldn’t stop thinking that everything i write, will be read by him. but i decided that he doesn’t matter at all. i fixed facebook. and i do not write anything about my marriage or divorce anymore. Thank you for your advice & welcome back. means much! ~amy

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      1. You have been missed in here, Amy 🙂


      2. I’ve missed being here, Irene. i just cant seem to find the spark to leave my apartment & take some photos. i think i am being to heal from my depression, but i keep waiting for the desire to shoot. I will get there. ~amy


  7. loisajay says:

    The man needs to get a freakin’ life and move on. Your place is gorgeous, Amy. Your eye for art definitely shows in your eye for decorating. I love the sparkles!


    1. Hi Loisajay, you are so cool. thank you for the compliment on our new home. the kids & the cats & the dog are happiest here. ~amy


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