the plumber & the dog


an old friend took this photo via iphone. i loved the way the dog’s tush stuck out of the cabinet, just like the plumbers. I wanted to share the photo here. Dan Robertson is a fantastic artist, you can see more of his paintings & photographs @

and on instagram@ yousmiledatme


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    1. i thought so, that is why i ask Dan if i could show people here. I will thank you on his behalf! have a great weekend Gretchen.

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  1. I love this as well – typical nosy dog…


    1. Thanks Maureen! I will pass on your compliments to Dan! Have a great weekend!

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  2. John says:

    Great image Amy. The link doesn’t work, though you would like to know. Be well!!


    1. Thank you, John. I will try to fix the link. the photo was taken by a very old friend. i loved it too. Have a great weekend, John!


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