love the falling focus


life seen in a different ways has always interested me…no, that isn’t correct, it has always pulled at me. the catalyst was my father’s words, “Amy, because you are blind in one eye, you do not see like everyone else” my father will be the first to say, i seldom back down from a challenge. he told me this when i was a kid. he told me i judged depth & distance by shadows & size…my dad is an optometrist. i always had that in the back of my mind when i was shooting anything. but for me, i react emotionally to everything i see that makes me click the camera. photography…it has always been about a shock of seeing something…”right” that hits me in the chest. the result of that ‘shock to the chest’ is seen here on this wordpress blog.

We look, but do not often SEE. I like to see, or rather, i cannot help but be drawn to SEE it. black & white photography has an emotional response few can explain, but i will give it a try…perhaps life, in the sum of its parts, is not noticed because of the distraction of everyday color. the flowers above…shooting in low light, dilates πŸ™‚ the lens, just like our pupils…gotta be wide open to see in less light, thus our focus falls, just like the lens on a SLR camera. the rich color of the bud, is far more interesting than the faded pink of the open flowers. i got hit in the chest as i passed by my flowers…demanding me to capture it, to SEE it. a feeling i obey with camera in hand. one i still feel without one…when that happens, it is painful. regret sucks. thank God for my iphone. i feel it a lot less having that in hand.

do i sound arrogant? crazy? oh, that crazy part may be right, but it makes my life far more interesting to live outside the box.


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  1. Not crazy, nor arrogant .. Very lucky to have such a wonderful talent that you enjoy sharing πŸ˜ƒ


    1. Thanks, Julie! i love, love to show others how i see my world. before blogging, my pictures sat in a box, unseen. Thank you so much! ~amy

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  2. karen123abc says:

    “We look, but do not often SEE.” Love that! Well expressed in regard to your photography and applicable to life in many ways.


    1. i’d like to claim that idea, but it was Leonado di Vinci who first spoke about seeing. “there are some that see, some that learn to see, and some that never see” Children see (remember thinking the world was so much bigger, colorful when you were a kid?) adults seldom see because they are too busy. being an art teacher to children reminded me of how amazing the world really is. Thank you for the compliment, Karen! ~amy


    1. thank you, Don! ~amy


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