i’m coming for you…


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    1. should i? Well, it is you, Maverick (a familiar-to my crazy). I went into my closest nursery, in search of something to release me from my self-imposed isolation (sick, as i said above), i had a young guy ask or rather mumble, “can i help you?” when clearly he didn’t want to do anything of the kind. So, being me. i decided to have fun & embarrass him…i can be so bad, but i knew he wouldn’t ever forget me, nor the way i described how i see orchids. i asked for indoor hanging plants i cannot murder in days. He shows me this nasty looking plant & starts to tell me it’s name, i interrupt him at, “this is the…..plant.” i said, “did you say penis?” with a blush, he attempted to repeat the name & he did manage it…”so it’s called a penis plant” He gave up, blushingly so, & said, “yeah, i guess” So then i decided it was really, really fun to make him blush (he was in his mid-20s & i could be his mother) I asked him, “did you ever notice that the Orchid’s flower bud looks a bit like a penis? (red climbing up his neck) But then, when it opens…it looks like a human females’…(here-i start to blush) exposed sexual parts?” both of us beat red & laughing…YOU KNOW WHAT HE SAID?! “yeah, did notice that”. You are welcome, Maverick, for now, you will never be able to look at another w/o remembering these words, just like him. ~amy


  1. Fantastic. Beautiful flowers.


    1. i’ve never seen orchids place so high above me before & what a great & slightly creepy photo of them. creepy because they remind me of aliens (cause i see those all the time) and something that cannot be said…thank you for your compliment! ~amy

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