keeping up with the Jones’, NOT.

IMG_7028i leave the Jones’ in the dust…i don’t want to feel as though i need to keep up with anyone.  it is human nature wish to blend in. few who dare stand apart, stand alone? naw. cars companies do a major overhaul every few years…the car that hid you among the many, the car you LOVED…is now looking old, poor & left behind. AND everyone notices. car companies exploit our human weakness, our need to fit in. Humans are supposed to be the top of the food chain, yet most of us behave as though we are the sheep, not the sheep dog.

see, i got the title to the BMW, but it was never the car i wanted. because i wanted, no–HAD to trade, as even as possible, to the BMW. i looked at a 2012 Honda Civic, cloth interior, a back seat large enough to hold my pocket change, with 60,000 on it. it cost $17,000 (WTF?!)  but there was a 2011 SAAB with 50,000 miles on it, leather interior, some wood trim, it cost $10,999. I got him talk down to $500 less.

Fuck the Jones’…i own my third SAAB & ya’ll know what? SAAB- Born from Jets. & my girl? she can fly…

PS the front bumper had evidence of a Euro tag, to hid the flaws left behind, i ordered my own…Vermont flag w/ my blog name.

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  1. Maverick ~ says:

    Nice wheels Amy, love the plate. 🙂


    1. Maverick, I AM SO HAPPY with my jet. The Euro plate was required & after i struggled with what to put on it…duh?! My blog. Anyway, thanks for complimenting my beauty. ~amy


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