why you should buy local

when one owns their own businesses, they shop for the things…they think we might like. i cannot imagine how stressful that must be…at first. i always try to buy local. one of my favorite places to shop is one of the three Leaf & Petal nurseries/gift shops in Birmingham, Alabama. i can now say, “i…

things that shine

i love light that bounces around. all images taken at Leaf & Petal in Mountain Brook Village, Alabama. i love blue cool art project for kids, not as fancy though mouse? i think it would help if you stood just a wee bit closer?  pear-y nice.

i am going to watercolor you

this one, is wow. I wanna paint it. what is so great about this Orchid, is it doesn’t have the painted/dyed green bamboo to hold it upright. if you want this on, it is at Leaf N’Petal in Mountain Brook Village! perhaps this one too.

the sun was photobombed by a moth

I took this with my iPhone, while i was shopping for perennials (most are 50% now) …I never saw the moth until i uploaded images i had snapped while shopping. I was shocked! Lucky me.

high praise indeed

just thinking of all the compliments this sun worshiping orchid got in the store…

i love blue

i think i’m going to start a collection of blue glass. i love, love, love it empty or not. i found these at Leaf & Petal in Mountain Brook Village, Alabama.