geez…she is a beauty


i seldom, if ever, use funky editing programs. But i decided since we were playing dress up…i should jump out of my comfort zone while i edited. i asked my daughter to model for me. i asked her if she knew how tall a female must be to become a model…five foot nine is the minimum, 6′ is the best. for petite models the minimum is 5’5″…so my daughter looked up the minimum for a child model-no taller than 5’1″, which is just how tall my daughter is. she is wee thing. but in no way could she ever look like a child again.

15 thoughts on “geez…she is a beauty

    1. have i responded to this before? I have a hard time with comments on WordPress. Life here is still in limbo. trapped in a house of horror & bone chilling memories with no way out. The house will sell at a loss, that is my X’s goal, that i receive nothing…i am venting. feels good. Thanks! ~amy

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      1. Hi Amy. No you haven’t responded before. Really sorry to hear about that. A shame. But do feel free to vent. Any time. It is good therapy. Question: can you prevent the sale at a loss? Do you have good counsel? Maybe you can prevent the sale if it is detrimental to you? Not too sure about divorce laws over there, but surely, your interest (and child/children) must be protected? Hang on there. And again, feel free to vent. Take care. Brian


      2. Understandable. Now think coldly, if waiting one week more (or two or three) means getting a better deal on the house… Think twice. Best of luck and the best possible week-end, Amy.


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