her first music festival

This is day two. She walked into the art studio this morning, asking for my glitter. When i saw her, i thought, wow…before i say a word “mom, you should have seen how cool everyone looked yesterday.” and began to describe all that she had seen, or at least the best of it. i don’t…

geez…she is a beauty

i seldom, if ever, use funky editing programs. But i decided since we were playing dress up…i should jump out of my comfort zone while i edited. i asked my daughter to model for me. i asked her if she knew how tall a female must be to become a model…five foot nine is the…

she is mine.

we went shopping in a part of town where we could only afford the lemonade. Mountain Brook Village, Alabama

and she smiles

seeing my daughter this happy is soooooooo good. ~amy

when my daughter left the nest…

…i made sure she landed into her own. her college, in Mobile, Alabama, had dorm room walls, built with cement block. i suppose, to prevent the building from being ripped apart by a hurricane. they tend to grow in the Gulf of Mexico. she is somewhat safe from the violent elements that plague the region….

my beautiful girl

i turned this image into her Thank You notes via Zazzle…coolest site out there for personalizing your own things.