“I’m tired of all this racist bullshit…

IMG_6734 copy 3…We need Peace y’all, we need Harmony” ~Hootie & the Blowfish (hold my hand, LIVE)

Awesome right? same old song & dance…it’s all been done before. i love quotes, the one i find most relevant these days is, “Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad” no, not mad as in angry, but batshit cRaZy. does anyone have a clue of whom i speak?

i’m so sick of anger & hate, i feel like i could shatter into a thousand pieces (and if i do, i hope all my bone, blood & brain splatter, lands on Donald the Trump.) amy, be nice. i have a cold & i am alone, when that happens i usually art (art is a verb;). however, i’m too lazy-my brain, however, never shuts the hell up. so i’ve been thinking…

90% of the human population believes in a higher being. how we define our faith is practiced in hundreds of different ways.

BUT not one of us has a clue as to what happens to us when we die. no one. Yet, people will throw their personal beliefs into someone’s face, with great, absolute authority. i swear (i do, often. shit, i’m digressing) if hear one more, “i’m a good Christian” shield, the truth is, people who feel it necessary to announce their faith into someone’s face, they say it like they’ve got a ‘get out of jail’ card. prove it by your actions.

Ok, no one knows what happens to us when we die (YES, i have a point) which means that we are ignorant in that department, and there has always been, throughout time, a someone craving power, just waiting to exploit you in this way…which is why you gotta have faith.

Ever read anything about near-death-experiences  or NDE? ohhh, so cool. what is so amazing, to me, is when the data is compiled from hundreds of people who have experienced NDE, they have so much in common with one another. The most common things they remember are feelings of peace, happiness & a sense of harmony or unity  with the universe…another awesome one is some communicate (in a way they do not understand) with LIGHT. The scary NDE stories are horrifying.

If something cannot be explained with science or with the medical community…then it is ignored. But people will go their house of Worship & pray to God.

i gotta tell you, i don’t think God makes mistakes. if all of us have a bit of the Divine in ourselves, made in His image…perhaps what we think of as our soul is HIS image.

Imagine, for just a second, that you are like a cellphone, transmitting information to ONE giant satellite…perhaps God is like that ONE satellite, and we are, with our feelings and/or thoughts, somehow communicating information to God. perhaps we are not only linked to God, but each other as well.

Donald the Trump is a nasty, disgusting, vile & dangerous asshole. he hates the blacks, the Mexicans, immigrants, gays, President Obama & my favorite-he hates the people who hate him. Oh, OH! That’s me! The trump has followers, they are like sheep, they are the fearful & the weak, freeing their rage, their fears & waving their guns…i should tell you OUTRIGHT that the trumped are absolute cowards. these people do not want change, they are afraid of change, perhaps change is chaos? however, if your screaming about your 2nd amendment rights, then you are a fucking nut job… and i think you are afraid of the boogey man. “Y’all better not sleep with your gun under your pillow else, like the tooth fairy, Obama will sneak into your bedroom one night…AND TAKE YOUR GUN!!!”

so. these trumper people are transmitting their HATE, RAGE and FEAR straight through our tv, internet, news, phones and maybe straight up to God. for some reason i don’t think that is a good thing…anyway you cut it, it needs to stop now. One person at a time. You wanna know how? Stop watching the news, reading online papers, just for a little while. and amazingly, your stress level will plummet. i promise.

Other people, all over the country & the world are angry that such a jackass has taken over our…everything electronic. right now, we are powerless to stop him. i know Alabama has a very bad reputation…well, so does America now.

God doesn’t make mistakes. born black? born gay? Mexican? pray as a Muslim or a Jew or a Christian. Is this what we are to Him? I don’t believe for one second that is relevant to Him. we are not labels, we are not colors, we are not less then another…i also hope & pray someday we can someday we can make a great man proud,”Not…be judged someone by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

IMG_6734 copy 3perhaps we are here to be challenged & rise above it. I think the worst of us, learn nothing. They just keep making mistakes & repeating them.

God doesn’t make mistakes.

That is what WE do, and the best of us, learn from them.




the photo was taken with my friend, Cory…it was an attempt to create the yin yang symbol. i held the phone & he snap the pic. i think we did pretty good.


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  1. Leeby Geeby says:

    Extremely original and well written. Thank you for reaching out and following me. I appreciate your support. Clearly you are someone who can connect the dots in their very own special way. That’s a beautiful thing!


    1. Wow. I thank you for your (in my eyes-awesome) opinion as to my thoughts (ramblings of a madwoman WOW, that would have been a great blog name). I do love to find other people to follow, although when WordPress changed the reader, i wanted to throw my computer against the wall. i finally found the patience to figure it out. Really, i am blown away by, “…connect the dots in their very special way” usually, if i vocally express my thoughts to family members, their eye glaze over. I hope to see a lot more of your posts. and thanks for reading. ~amy


  2. Love the image, love the sentiment. Sometimes it all really gets me down and that’s when I absolutely hold onto my faith that arting is the most important thing we can do to spread peace and make a difference.


    1. I love that you use art as a verb too. I agree, it really gets to me that we appear as though half of us are playground bullies. One love. ~amy


  3. Linda Corliss says:

    Thanks Amy for sharing your heart and soul with us! Love, Linda

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. Linda, did you know you are the ONLY member of my family that subscribes to my blog? AND i thank you for it. Love, Amy


  4. Loved this post, Amy. You are not alone.


    1. Thank you, Lilka Raphael…no, we are not alone. We’ve run circle around racism, bigotry, hatred…i wish we could meet it head on (like a snowplow) & ALL of us forgive, respect & learn to accept everyone as equal –at least until a single individual you meet is an ass. 🙂 ~amy

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Maverick ~ says:

    Good rant and reminded me of this song – https://youtu.be/f1HgPQ-dqiM


    1. great song…i love ranting. i just wish i had an editor to fix my errors. My mind flies, my fingers, not so much. ~amy


  6. trentpmcd says:

    Perhaps Trump and his followers are her to make the rest of us better, more caring people. We look at their hatred and say, “I need to be the opposite of that, I need to try to purge that out of my system. I need to remember kindness, compassion and love.” Perhaps that is his purpose. It is working, but the media likes talking about the hate side and is ignoring the rest of us. Perhaps that will change, perhaps they will discover that “Good” makes good news as much as “evil”. But then, I guess some say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one (thanks John).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had thought of that as well…i thought if Trump took over the News, then the News couldn’t tear down another person as much as usual. I do hope that is why Trump is here, because maybe we have to hit rock bottom before we can begin on a healthy path. Thank God for the dreamers. Thank you so much for your comment & for taking the time to read it. ~amy

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