left in awe


this is my daughter. she is smart, funny, original…she is the artist that created the Stained Glass art project. She is the one who set up my blog, then taught me how to use it-at the age of ten.  if i can’t figure something out, she is my go to help. She is fearless…i am learning from her everyday, because she never stops leaving me in awe of everything she does.

9 thoughts on “left in awe

    1. Oh, she is a stunner, but doesn’t know it. Insecure as all 14 year olds are. She is a firecracker, but she was born one. I think she will have an amazing life. AND, i am in her somehow. She is my hight, same eye color…Thanks Julie. I’ve not been blogging much, no time for it really. I’ve missed our chats. You live in New Zealand, right? Gosh i hope so…My daughter met a boy online who lives in NZ & amazingly he is taking a world tour & will be in Birmingham, Alabama & she will meet him. He is traveling with other kids, but i can’t wait to see them together…he is a stunner. ~amy

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