i will take the peach


tree. i’ve had this wee peach tree for three years now.  i’ve seen peaches almost grown large enough to eat…however, the deer always eat them first, for they are not as picky as i am.

the house must be sold within 5 months…i do hope the new owners love fruit. i have 8yr old blueberry bushes, five of them.  they grow so many blueberries that i have to freeze them or give them away. i have a raspberry bush, peach tree & grape vines (four years old now)

where am i & my kiddos going to live? i’ve no idea…my biggest hope is that i will own dirt.

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  1. I hope so too and I think it will happen……that you own some dirt. Is New England a possible destination? Whatever you do….you will have a loving home with children, animals, and love.


    1. I will have to remain in Alabama for the next five years. I hope to be able to live in Vermont, but i have my family here now. Although i seldom see any of them. I do hope i have a patio at the very least…I am not kind to my house plants. Outside, they are spoiled rotten. Thank you, Gretchen

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  2. Hey Amy best of luck with the move .. I hope the new people live the house as much as you have .. What about Silver?


  3. loisajay says:

    Aw, Amy–I know things will work out for you but I hope they work out well and quickly! Five months? that’s too soon…


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