ok…I’m done. Until next year! Happy Spring

bring the dogs in

 I wish i had time to search for the full size image for this wee one. Alas, i must go in search of more branches because, right now, they are everywhere in Alabama.

i will take the peach

tree. i’ve had this wee peach tree for three years now.  i’ve seen peaches almost grown large enough to eat…however, the deer always eat them first, for they are not as picky as i am. the house must be sold within 5 months…i do hope the new owners love fruit. i have 8yr old blueberry…

the southern magnolia

when i was living in Vermont, i read about life in the deep south. i read of the legendary Magnolia. moving to Alabama in 1993, i had high expectations. the magnolia is an evergreen tree. the foliage during the winter is deep, dark green, it’s leaves are glossy & firm, which is nice when everything…