can you see the contempt in her ears?



If you are looking for a dog that you’d like to train to…fetch a ball & bring it back. A Siberian Husky is NOT for you. If you want a guard dog…the Husky is NOT for you. If you don’t want to brush bushels of three types of fur every day…Nope. Wrong dog for you. If you measure intelligence of an animal by his/her obedience, like fetching you your slippers…then you don’t need a dog, that’s what kids are for.

Dog breeds are proven to be intelligent by responding to its master’s commands…There are many working dogs with this important talent…the police dog, herding dogs, guide dogs, therapy dogs, cancer sniffing dogs. AND I HONOR EVERY SINGLE ONE for there life risking or life saving talents…

But let me tell you WHY Huskies are awesome (and useless in Alabama) & the smartest breed of them all. If you throw a ball & change the tone of your voice  husky, he/she will “go get it” The Husky will watch the ball fly & land. Then turn & look at you and say, “WTF? You threw it, YOU go get it” & go to sleep.  See? That is so true! I did throw it…i’ll have to go get it. Huskies know how to manipulate people to their whims(demands). They can be subtle about it or brazenly forward. Huskies don’t bark, they howl & they are shocked at your stupidity for not listening. “WHY the F*ck do YOU get to sit on the couch & I don’t?!” See? Most of the time, the husky believes He/She is Pack Leader & you are at the back of the sled because THEY.OWN.YOU. and they think YOU are dumb because you don’t understand their commands.

most dogs are aware of their station in life. You own them. You feed them. Water them and they are grateful. The cat & the Siberian Husky own YOU. Huskies are sarcastic, have a great sense of humor, mine (seen above) has an awesome Pee-Pee dance, They are masters of using guilt to get what want. They can be funny as hell, if you LISTEN to their bodies, their tails, their ears, their eyes, their howls…this is how they talk to you. Are YOU smart enough to own the smartest dog in whole wide world?

Are you strong (WORDPRESS I FUCKING HATE YOU i can write a WHOLE SENTENCE & WAIT FOR A MINUTE BEFORE IT APPEARS!!!) enough to pull a few dog hairs out of your food & drink as though its completely natural? Do you mind buying a new vacuum every two years? Do you mind brushing a husky everydamnday? I tell myself its my daily exercise. Huskies are vain & want everyone to worship their beauty, until you have, then they’ll leave you…and as they do, you’ll feel like you’ve let them down in someway. And then you feel like shit. Huskies don’t eat a lot of food, but sleep as much as a cat…conserving its energy to make you run, dammit. thus they train you. You must talk to your dog in a normal tone, never baby talk…and they will talk back. are you smart enough to listen?

the photos above. Nala KNEW i wanted to talk her picture. But i knew she wanted recompense for some (*imagined) slight…this is what her ears told me, do you see she will not even use energy to lift them? I am unworthy. Her ears are hanging like wet socks…then she yawned in my face. I was going to give up, but then, lucky me, Nala saw an airplane overhead, (she was trying to see what type it was) & i snapped the picture.

*Now that i think back to that morning. I feed her outside & we both noticed her water bowl had iced over during the night. Still she made the attempt to (pathetically) lick it. So i used the heal of my shoe, to break apart the thin ice, that had formed over the water. She looked at me then and said, “WTF? I don’t want your damn shoe in my water” to which i understood & responded, “But now you can drink it.” she glared, then took a wee delicate drink, I should have known then that i would be punished for it later.

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  1. Cute!! Love that dog it is so beautiful!!


    1. Oh, Paulina,
      I will NOT tell my dog you said so, because really, she will say, “i know” But I do thank you for the compliment! ~amy

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    2. if i’ve already responded, i’m sorry. the comment section of WordPress really is very badly done. Thank you for complimenting my narcissistic dog. if you don’t mind, i will not share your compliments beauty to her already large ego. 🙂 ~amy

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      1. Thanks! You did respond twice and I agree. There is a place you can alter how the show so your responses stack up to the comments. I avoid that separate comments page except for spam. Still love that dog!


  2. Great account of your ruling dog. Mine…Queenslands….are so smart and equally as stubborn. The two together are smarter than I am plus they mess me up in tandem. What would we do without them?


  3. OMG I thought my bf were alone in the understanding of husky personalities. We’ve found that all the people around us only admire their beauty but don’t see how much more there is to them. They’re jerks, but silly and fun and voicing over their thoughts is the best part of all this.

    I loved this post. You captured huskies so perfectly!!


    1. OMG, i was hoping to find confirmation in my assessment of the Siberian asshole Husky!!! Yippeee! They are the greatest dogs in the world. Nala is my third…I lived in Vermont with a Stud muffin ex who had a husky, his name was Kahn. It was ALWAYS my favorite breed b/c they look like wolves. I wanted a wolf. 🙂 anyway, thank you so very much for letting me know i am not alone in judging their character. ~amy

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      1. Haha definitely not alone. They are the best, no matter how well they play with our emotions! Looking forward to more stories from Nala’s world.


  4. Melissa says:

    Beautiful dog.


  5. Maverick ~ says:

    Apt description of a Husky and Nala’s gorgeous ears and all. 🙂


  6. debiriley says:

    Amy, funny post! and, great point about what breeds might suit – or not. a naughty neighbor has 3, she boots outside when she works. the poor things, then howl til she comes home at 4pm. well, poor surrounding peoples’ ears too. SHE hasn’t read your post!


  7. lol…………husky aren’t the only ones with this type of attitude I assure you. Sounds like Nala has a bit more training to do with you hehehehe

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